Take a look at the range of stamps we have and let us know what you would like on your belt.

Our standard belts cost £27.50 and are 1.5" wide although we can make them wider or narrower on request, depending on the buckles we have in stock. Look through the pictures below and make your selections before emailing us with them and your waist measurement. If you want any matching accessories, just let us know and we will be happy to oblige. 

Step 1: Choose your stamp

Scroll through these images to choose a stamp (or two or three) to feature on your belt. Make sure you make a note of the name of your chosen stamp so you can include it in the email to us to ensure we use the correct one. 


Step 2: Choose your border

This picture shows several different border options. The fine grooves in the tools we use absorb different quantities of dye, creating beautiful depth and texture on the item. If you prefer, we can leave it plain in between the picture stamps.

Step 3: Choose your colour

This image shows our four main dyes: tan, brown, antique black and mahogany. Occasionally it is possible for us to dye belts in different colours, so if you have a specific colour in mind then please ask. 

Because of the individual qualities of different pieces of leather, we cannot guarantee the exact shade the belt will turn out. 

The second picture in the gallery shows a selection of the colours we can paint the stamps in if you wish.

Finished items

Here are a few examples of belts we have made in the past. If you would like, we can make one of these up for you. Please quote the reference number in the title if you would like to order one of these. Bear in mind, some of these belts are carved rather than stamped, so if you want a carved belt please message us to request a quote.  

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Stamped belts

Shield and lion in red and silver on a medium brown belt with border 6 Shield and lion in red and gold with border 7, medium brown dye large rose 01 painted red with border 7, brown dye Unpainted dragon with border 6, antique black dye Shield and lion in metallic blue and silver with border 6, antique black Pegasus, unicorn 02 and clouds painted metallic purple, silver and metallic white, antique black Fleur d'lys in blue and silver with border 7, antique black Leaf motif and large rose 01.