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About Us

Over 40 years of experience

Roo The Leathercarver is a small family business in Preston, Lancashire. Set up over 40 years ago by Roo as a hobby, the business has now been taken on by his nephew Martyn. Roo taught Martyn how to carve, dye and sew leather to an incredibly high standard and Martyn has continued to follow this traditional skill. We are often helped out by other family members who have all been trained in various things over the years although Martyn is the only one who does leather carving. His wife Eleanor draws many of the patterns now, and between them they do the painting, dying, sewing and finishing.

​As every piece is sewn by hand using waxed linen thread in a saddle stitch, we can guarantee the stitching on our products won't break unlike machine sewn products which use a weaker chain stitch. Unless of course, your dog uses it as a chew toy. That might break it.

If you want to visit us at our workshop, check out our contacts page. However, the best place to come and see our creations and to watch Martyn carving is at one of the many events we do, many of which are historical.

About Roo

These days Roo has turned his creative mind over to the art of woodworking, although he is always on hand to provide advice when we need it and we are proud to carry on the name of Roo The Leathercarver. If you want to get in touch with him for nonbusiness purposes, his email address is or you can find him on Facebook as Roo Williamson.

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