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How do you post my order?

Whenever possible we re-use packaging that our family and friends collect for us in a bid to be more eco-friendly, and we usually send it via royal mail.

How much does postage cost?

Postage varies from item to item and we endeavour to charge you only as much as Royal Mail charge us to post it. This is approximately £6 for a handbag and £13 for a quiver.

Can I collect my order?

You certainly can! If you arrange with us in advance, you can either collect your order from one of the events we are at or you can visit us in our workshop

Are you eco-friendly?

We certainly try to be. As well as re-using as much packaging as possible for our parcels, we recycle all our dye bottles. Anything that cannot be recycled is put in an eco bottle to be used as a building material instead of it going to landfill. The dye we use is water based and low V.O.C. and we make products that can last a lifetime, so unlike many larger companies, there is no planned obsolescence in our business model. 

How long does it take to make a handbag?

Depending on the design, it can take anything from 10 hours to 20 hours to make a handbag. Especially if you take into account the time it takes to make a pattern and drying times! I've put the steps for an average handbag (not including drawing and drying times) below to give you a better idea:

1) Cut out the handbag from a large skin of leather (30 minutes)

2) Draw a pattern on paper

3) Trace it onto damp leather (30 minutes)

3) Cut the pattern into the leather (2 hours)

4) Bevel the cuts (this step makes it more 3d) (2.5hours)

5) Add detail (30 minutes)

6) Paint and lacquer the pattern (2.5-4 hours)
7) Dye the leather on both sides (30 minutes)

8) Finish, smooth and seal the edges (30 minutes)

8) Lacquer the whole piece (10 minutes)

9) Assemble the handbag (1 hour)

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