Our 100% leather handbags are all handcrafted by us.

Scroll through the galleries below to see a selection of our handbags. If you click on an image, you can view the full picture, the name of the handbag and some information about it. Unfortunately, we don't always get time to take really good photographs of our work because we've not got a photo studio set up in the workshop yet, but that should change in the future. Until then you will have to bear with the scruffy background of our workshop or stall!

Mythical Creature Handbags:
Celtic Knotwork Handbags:
Flower, Tree and Animal Handbags:
Smaller Handbags and Waistbags:
Handbags in progress:
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Handmade Leather Sporrans
Carved Leather Handbags
Handtooled Leather
Made in the UK

Carved leather
Handtooled leather
Leather wallets