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Take a look at a selection of our leather quivers and arm guards for archers.

Take some time to browse through the albums below and click "Show More" to view more of each album. If you hover over a picture, you should be able to read the title and caption and if you click on it a larger image should open up. (If you are using a phone or tablet hold down with your finger for a quick description).

Some of these photos have been taken before they have been lacquered because we find the colours come out truer, but every armguard will come with a piece of leather thong to lace it up and holes to lace through. 
If you can't find what you're looking for, please just ask - we are sure we will be able to help you.


Our prices do vary dependant on the artwork, but a basic guide to our pricing is:
Plain armguard: £10

Plain side quiver: £60

Plain back quiver: £70

Stamped armguard: £17.50

Stamped side quiver: £80

Stamped back quiver: £90
Carved armguard: £30

Carved side quiver: £110

Carved back quiver: £120

Carved Armguards

To order one of these, simply let us know the title of the bracer and if you would like the colours changing. 

Carved Armguards
Un-dyed Carved Armguards

These armguards are un-finished, they still have to be dyed, have lacing holes/ boot hooks attached and have their edges finished. If you order one of these, let us know what colours you want it painting and dying.

stamped armguards
Stamped Armguards

To order a stamped armguard, simply tell us the armguard number. If you would like it colouring differently from the ones shown here let us know what colours you would like the stamps painted and the leather dying. If you wish to mix and match a stamp layout with a different border, simply let us know which two are your favourite. You can also look at the stamp gallery in our belts section to choose a stamp that isn't displayed here.

Un-dyed Stamped Armguards

These have yet to be dyed so when you quote the armguard number, be sure to tell us what colour you would like it dyed.

Finished Quivers

Most of the artwork on our armguards can be translated onto our leather quivers. Here's a small selection to give you a general idea of how they look. We can make different styles than are shown below so if you don't see the type you want, just ask.

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