Our leather hair slides, purses, and bracelets can all be made using the same stamps so why not request a matching set?

Simply choose the stamp / stamps you would like and let us know what colour you would like us to paint the stamp and what colour you would like the leather to be dyed. These stamps are the same ones we use on the belts, and we can use them to decorate any of our products (including our handbags) for a lower price than the carved products.

Hair Barrette: £5

Purse: £12

Wristlet: £5

Keyring: £3

One of Each: £20 (20% discount)

To order, simply email us to tell us:

  1. Whether you want a hair slide, purse, wristlet or keyring.

  2. Which stamp you would like.

  3. What colour you would like it painting.

  4. What colour you want us to dye it.

Keep scrolling down to see more pictures and don't forget to click on the pictures if you want to see the full image.

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